WILD ROSE // Salt + Soak
WILD ROSE // Salt + Soak
WILD ROSE // Salt + Soak
WILD ROSE // Salt + Soak

WILD ROSE // Salt + Soak

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New Packaging! 16oz/555g glass jars with metal lid


To soak in a tub of wildcrafted wild roses is the ultimate in wild luxury. This Salt + Soak is made with epsom salts, which are great for relaxing sore muscles, and wild roses from the Muskoka - Georgian Bay region. Rosa acicularis is the true wild rose to this region and has soft pink heart-shaped petals. Dog Rose, or Rosa canina, is its super prickly early blooming European cousin with antiqued yellow petals when dried. The scent of Dog Rose differs from the Wild Rose, but both are heavenly, and definitely makes one realise why roses are the most written about in folklore all over the world and throughout time. They're gorgeous and divine. 

Essential oils of Rose Absolute and Rose Geranium heighten the rosey experience. 

Ritual: Fill your bath (light some candles, pour some wine or tea, play your favourite album) then sprinkle desired amount of mason jar or packet into the tub. Suggested amount is about a half a cup. But it is really up to you! Then breathe deep and enjoy. You can also use a linen or muslin bag to contain botanicals and salt. Other methods include purchasing a strainer for the drain of your tub.  



Wild Rose- Rosa acicularis + Dog Rose- Rosa canina ethically wildcrafted near Parry Sound, ON

Epsom Salt

Rose Absolute

Rose Geranium Essential Oil 


Rose Absolute is very resource intensive meaning that is takes an incredible amount of roses to create a small amount of essential oil. Some plants readily give up their oil, and roses are not one of them. These Salt + Soaks use other rose-scented essential oils that are more environmentally sensitive to create the full rose experience.

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