Bulk Botanicals

Bulk Botanicals - Summer 2024
~ Hydrosols ~
please email Lou at northshoreapothecary@gmail.com or use the contact form https://northshoreapothecary.ca/pages/contact for more updated prices, more information or to reserve a distillation



North Shore’s hydrosols are all small-batch produced with ethically harvested wildcrafted botanicals. Botanicals are harvested in the Muskoka-Georgian Bay region - Anishinaabek Territory- with love, intention, and great respect for the natural world by me, Lou. Availability of some botanicals may be subject to change due to environmental factors (ex. Wild Roses + LDD Moth or deep frosts).

It is recommended that the purchaser arranges for pickup (in Orrville, Ontario) or dropoff (maybe we can work something out), as there is significant risk in shipping.
Full distillation includes social media posts + involvement throughout the entire harvesting, processing and distillation process. A full distillation is 6 large glass mason jars, 1.9L each (64oz) that come with labels indicating the botanical and distillation date.
Note on competitors: Consider that with large-scale suppliers there may be quality issues, unknown whether or not proper ethical wildcrafting protocols were practiced, or possibility of additives. 

Also, I’m a darn good deal.


All botanical hydrosols listed below are abundant and/or invasive species (Ontario) and are distilled in a stainless steel distillation system and finished in a copper condenser:

White Cedar, Eastern Hemlock, Scotch Pine, White Pine, White Spruce, Balsam Fir, Sweet Clover, Pin Cherry, Mugwort


The following botanicals require extra care for proper ethical harvesting and processing:

Yarrow, Juniper, Sweet Fern, Sweet Gale, Birch


All botanical hydrosols listed below are distilled in a traditional copper alembic still and feature less common (still abundant, but not invasive), time sensitive (spruce tips) or cabin-grown botanicals (sweetgrass, calendula):

Sweetgrass, Wild Rose (Rosa canina + Rosa acicularis), Calendula