SUNSHINE // Salt + Soak - SALE
SUNSHINE // Salt + Soak - SALE
SUNSHINE // Salt + Soak - SALE

SUNSHINE // Salt + Soak - SALE

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"SUNSHINE" - Salt + Soak

Calendula, Yarrow + Elderflower ~ 

 A one-time batch to enjoy the colour and beauty of summer into the depths of fall and winter. 

This is sunshine in a bag. Bright calendula, beautifully scented yarrow, and delicate elderflower. This botanical medley is great for healing the skin and the epsom salts aid sore muscles. This salt + soak has been made without essential oils. It is simple and wonderful. Feel free to add your own mix of essential oils to enhance your experience, but the scent of the yarrow alone is soft and sweet, but also a bit like opening an old book of secret potions.

Packaging:  Choose from either an 8oz glass jar or a 650g big paper bag. 

Ritual: Pour desired amount of botanicals and epsom salt into the bath. Generally, about half a cup is recommended, but follow your heart! Light a candle, play some gentle music, sip some tea or wine or whatever you like and breathe deep. Maybe imagine yourself in a summer field? Or the sticky resin on your fingers from a calendula harvest? Or whatever your favourite part about high summer might well be.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Calendula, Yarrow and Elderflower


Learn more about these botanicals and their myth, magic and medicine:

Yarrow - https://www.rowanandsage.com/blog/2019/12/6/plant-profile-yarrow

Elderflower - https://www.wildfoodie.co.uk/post/the-elder-the-flowers-the-berries-the-legend

Calendula - https://thepracticalherbalist.com/advanced-herbalism/calendula-myth-and-magic/