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LIMBER ~ Poplar + Hemp Body Oil
LIMBER ~ Poplar + Hemp Body Oil
LIMBER ~ Poplar + Hemp Body Oil
LIMBER ~ Poplar + Hemp Body Oil

LIMBER ~ Poplar + Hemp Body Oil

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This is for those looking to add a lil wild spice into their lives.

LIMBER is an all-over nourishing body oil made with Poplar Bud-infused organic Olive Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil is full of essential fatty acids, making it an incredibly moisturizing for the skin. The hemp oil is grown and produced sustainably at Hempola Farms Hemp Seed Oil | Hempola.

Poplar Bud resin contains salicin, an anti-inflammatory chemical constituent, first discovered by indigenous peoples and used in many traditional pain remedies. LIMBER makes a delicious massage oil both for its medicinal properties, sensual scent profile, and long-lasting moisturization.


Apply after the shower, bath or a dip in the lake. Work into skin for at least 30 sec or better yet, get a loved one to massage into the skin. Limber up.


- Poplar Bud-infused (for an entire year) Organic Olive Oil + Hemp Seed Oil

- Essential oils of Patchouli, Coriander Seed, Anise Seed, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove + Benzoin Tree Resin


- discontinue use if irritation occurs

- shake well before use

- Amberglass 4oz/118ml 

- Keep product out of the sun and use within 1 year