Coffee Body Polish - LAST CHANCE
Coffee Body Polish - LAST CHANCE

Coffee Body Polish - LAST CHANCE

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Wake up your skin and your senses.

This exfoliating body polish helps remove dead skin cells while still moisturizing with herbal-infused oil. The warm coffee scent, with cedarwood and vetiver lingers on the skin throughout the day. 

The nourishing herbal-infused oil can settle to the bottom if left in a warm environment. This is entirely normal and natural as this is not a dry exfoliant. Simply tip the product upside down, re-mix it with a spoon, or better yet just enjoy the healing oil!

RITUAL: This botanical-infused coffee body scrub is best used in the shower. Just before you pop out of the shower, gently rub the formulation all over your body. Some pressure is good, but not too much as to irritate your skin. Rinse off with water, allowing some of the delicious oils to linger on your skin. Gently pat dry when out of the shower to ensure that the oils are not wiped away.

Coffee Body Scrub in a reusable glass mason jar


- Organic Coffee - Muskoka Roastery Aki Blend

- Organic Cane Sugar

- Organic Coconut Oil

-Organic Olive Oil infused with Yarrow, Calendula, Plantain & Comfrey

- essential oils of cedarwood & vetiver & benzoin resin 


Coffee used: https://www.muskokaroastery.com/collections/whole-bean-ground/products/aki-organic


8oz Glass jar with metal lid

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