Coffee Body Polish
Coffee Body Polish

Coffee Body Polish

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Wake up your skin and your senses.

This exfoliating body polish helps remove dead skin cells while still moisturizing with herbal-infused oil. The warm coffee scent, with cedarwood and vetiver lingers on the skin throughout the day. 

The nourishing herbal-infused oil can settle to the bottom if left in a warm environment. This is entirely normal and natural as this is not a dry exfoliant. Simply tip the product upside down, re-mix it with a spoon, or better yet just enjoy the healing oil!

Coffee Body Scrub in a reusable glass mason jar


- Organic Coffee - Muskoka Roastery Aki Blend

- Organic Cane Sugar

- Organic Coconut Oil

-Organic Olive Oil infused with Yarrow, Calendula, Plantain & Comfrey

- essential oils of cedarwood & vetiver & benzoin resin 


Coffee used: https://www.muskokaroastery.com/collections/whole-bean-ground/products/aki-organic


8oz Glass jar with metal lid

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