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BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve
BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve

BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve

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The ultimate hand salve for anyone who has been diligently washing their hands

This salve is a non-greasy healing formula for super cracked, chapped, dry & downright wrecked skin. Herb-infused oil soaks into the skin to moisturize and heal, while the beeswax provides a protective coating to trap moisture in but still allowing the skin to breathe. 

Perfect for rock climbers, working hands, and for the skiers/runners who need breathable skin protection against cold winds. Backcountry Butter has been hailed 'as a godsend' for nurses and medical professionals who wash their hands often. 

As a bonus for fur-buds, Backcountry Butter makes a great paw protector during our harsh Canadian winters. It even helps protect leather on your boots, bags, belts, etc.


- Yarrow, comfrey, calendula & plantain infused into organic olive oil

- Ontario Beeswax

- Organic Shea Butter

- Essential oils of Cedar leaf, Balsam Fir, Tea tree, Lavender & Balsam Fir 


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