FOREST BATH // Salt + Soak * Reduced Price
FOREST BATH // Salt + Soak * Reduced Price

FOREST BATH // Salt + Soak * Reduced Price

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New big bags that make great gifts that can be used for ~10 baths

The Forest Bath Salt + Soak has been a long time best seller for its calming properties. This bath salt urges you to take a deep breath, and allow yourself to be transported to the forest. If you can't be in the woods, you can at least bring the woods to your bathtub and float amongst cedar, balsam fir, spruce, hemlock and wintergreen wildcrafted botanicals.

The name comes from the Japanese art of 'Forest Bathing' or shinrin-yoku. 'Forest Bathing' is the act of going out into nature with intention and connecting to the senses. 

More information about shinrin-yoku can be found here:


RITUAL: Light a candle, pour some wine or tea, hit play on a chill playlist and sink into a tub of floating evergreens. It is magical. Breathe deep and just feel the sensations. Maybe play with a pine needle to trace along your skin, or feel the toughness of a spruce needle. Just take the time to observe, be calm, and breathe deep. You can add as much or as little of the botanicals + salt as you like, but generally about a half cup should do. Entirely up to you though. Enjoy your nature therapy.


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