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Wild Rose Pure Hydrosol

Wild Rose Pure Hydrosol

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Wild Rose Hydrosol makes for an ultra-cooling, anti-inflammatory spray for the skin. Use this hydrosol as your toner after washing your face, or as an after-sun spray. 

Store in the fridge for the ultimate refreshing spray on a hot day.

Makes a great mood lifter or room refresher.

Wild Rose petals of Rosa canina (Dog Rose) and Rosa acicularis (Wild Rose) were ethically harvested in small batches and distilled in a traditional copper alembic still. 

 This is as pure as it gets. Absolutely no preservatives or chemical nasties. Roses were harvested, distilled and bottled by yours truly. 

60ml amberglass // Expiry date on bottle // Store in the fridge.

COLD WEATHER DISCLAIMER: Email for possible local delivery in Parry Sound or Gravenhurst, or check with stockists. The Wild Rose Pure Hydrosol is prone to freezing during shipping. Please note that in purchasing you are accepting that risk. Extra care will be taken in packaging, and please consider carefully tracking your package. 


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