Wild Leek Salt
Wild Leek Salt

Wild Leek Salt

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A delicious and flavourful seasonal delight! Use this Wild Leek Salt as a finishing salt to any of your savoury meals. Sprinkle on eggs, into pasta sauce, stirfry's.... anything that does well with more salt and garlic (which in my opinion is most things!)

Wild Leeks have a tasting note of garlic, but also onion, truffle and herbaceous.


- Salt + Dehydrated Wild Leeks (sustainably harvested)

These wild leeks were harvested sustainably from a large patch, only taking 1 leaf per plant and leaving the bulbs entirely intact and in the ground. This allows the plant to continue growing for generations to come, and for the plant to produce seeds in the late summer.

Comes in a re-usable 4oz glass jar with black metal lid.

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Be sure to screw lid on tight. 

Best Before June 2023