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Burn Bundle

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Mix of aromatic botanicals for burning. Harvested and bundles by yours truly.

Made of invasive species (Mugwort + Sweet Clover), Abundant species (Cedar, White Pine) or cabin-grown botanicals (Lavender + Calendula)

  -  Why use mugwort? -

Mugwort is a herbaceous sweet-smelling plant in the Artemisia family native to Europe, where its traditions and practices of burning are rich in pagan folklore and druid traditions. Brought over with the settlers, it is now a plant that can quickly take over an area, taking space away from native species. So let's burn it! Smells beautiful, and you can feel good about it. Many people like to make the burning of mugwort part of their evening rituals as it has been called 'dream weed' and is said to induce dreams and lucid dreaming ~~~ Mugwort is also referred to as 'Black Sage', although not technically a part of the Salvia family. Closely associated with the moon, Mugwort is considered to be a woman's herb, and is named after the Greek moon goddess, Artemis.

Sweet Clover is another highly invasive plant that can be seen all over North America but originated in Europe. It smells divinely sweet when burned! A great alternative to Sweetgrass.

 Mystery Surprise: Allow yourself to be delighted with a blend of wildcrafted botanicals chosen just for you! 

Why not use White Sage? https://www.bustle.com/wellness/is-burning-sage-cultural-appropriation-heres-how-to-smoke-cleanse-in-sensitive-ways-18208360



- research the plants that your burn bundle contains to begin to create a connection or to deepen your relationship with the plant.

- Decide how you want to use it and how to incorporate the plants into your daily rituals.

- Set an intention for your ritual. Bring peace, balm, a good rest, to recall your dreams. What is it you wish to ask of the plants?

 - Set the end ablaze. The end is furthest away from the description tag.

- Enjoy the small flames for about 10-20 sec

- Blow out the fire and let it smolder. The aim is to produce a gentle aromatic smoke from the burning botanicals

- either walk around your home to fill it with the natural scent, or set it upon a non-flammable surface to slowly burn out

- It will generally smolder for 5-15 minutes so you may have o re-light it as needed.  


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