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Heart of Gold - Shimmering Poplar Perfume Oil
Heart of Gold - Shimmering Poplar Perfume Oil
Heart of Gold - Shimmering Poplar Perfume Oil

Heart of Gold - Shimmering Poplar Perfume Oil

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*Updated formula DEC 2021*

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The ultimate goal of the Heart of Gold is to let the natural scent of Balsam Poplar sing out loud and have room to evolve on the skin. This formulation is delicious, but the spicy-sweet scents of cinnamon and cardamom definitely take over. The resinous balsamic poplar bud sweetness takes a bit of a backseat...a very happy backseat. If you're looking for a spicy way to add golden glitter and pure wild luxury into your everyday...then this blend is for you. Just know that this is a limited batch and is subject to change in the future!!


The sweet scent of the springtime. Balsam Poplar buds not only lend a hand to a unique scent profile, but it is beneficial to the skin. The buds are coated in a sticky resin that has been used for centuries for skin ailments such as inflammation. The resin is infused into Organic Olive Oil and Jojoba oil, both deeply nourishing for the skin. Golden Mica provides a natural shimmer, and the scent profile is completed by luxurious Sandalwood Essential Oil, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Rose Absolute.

RITUAL: Apply to bare skin as your perfume. This light shimmer is lovely on arms and collarbones. 


- Wildcrafted Balsam Poplar infused into Golden Jojoba and Organic Olive Oil

- Sandalwood Essential Oil

- Cinnamon Essential Oil

- Cardamom Essential Oil

- Rose Absolute

- Golden Mica


60ml (2oz)// Taxes included // Shake well before use as the mica settles to the bottom.

If the dropper ever becomes full of the golden mica, simply pierce the bottom of the dropper with a needle.




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