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Sweet Salvation Skin Salve
Sweet Salvation Skin Salve
Sweet Salvation Skin Salve
Sweet Salvation Skin Salve

Sweet Salvation Skin Salve

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Ethically wildcrafted yarrow, plantain, comfrey & calendula solar infused in organic olive oil creates an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory healing oil. This healing 4-herb oil, along with essential oils of tea tree and lavender is added to Ontario beeswax, Ontario Raw Honey, and Organic Shea Butter. The herbal oil penetrates into the skin to moisturize, and the beeswax provides a protective yet breathable coating.

This salve is ideal for all over moisturizing and is safe and gentle for the face.

Each salve is topped with dried calendula and/or yarrow



• Calendula, Yarrow, Plantain + Comfrey infused in Organic Olive Oil

• ontario beeswax                         - traps in moisture

• ontario raw honey                      - anti-bacterial

• organic shea butter                    - moisturizing

• essential oils of tea tree + lavender  - anti-bacterial and calming


CALENDULA- herbal cabin-grown powerhouse. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.

PLANTAIN- ethically wildcrafted. Anti-bacterial

COMFREY- ethically wildcrafted. Helps create new cells

YARROW- ethically wildcrafted. Anti-septic



 Taxes Included // Store at room temperature // 60g

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