Bug Dope - A Forager's Friend
Bug Dope - A Forager's Friend
Bug Dope - A Forager's Friend

Bug Dope - A Forager's Friend

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 After popular demand, a small batch of Bug Dope is available for all your adventures.

- Bug Dope: A local's term for bug spray -

This all-natural bug spray is a potent brew of plant power. A tried and true blend of essential oils, witch hazel, and cedar hydrosol that has been thoroughly tested on foragers, outdoorsfolk, campers, canoeists, gardeners alike.  This concentrated formulation will last you a long time, as it doesn't take many sprays to get the full bug-doping effect!

Stay outside for longer and enjoy nature :)

 A NOTE ON TICKS: The range of ticks is ever-increasing north and the prevalence of ticks is only going to become more common. This formulation does include several essential oils that have been noted as preventatives for ticks. For ticks and mosquitos alike, it is often the strong scents and the chemical constituents of some plants that drives them away. For example the natural chemical Thujone in Cedar (Thuja occidentalis, Giizhik). It is recommended to spray this formulation on your socks, shoes, collars, and other clothing before heading out. There are some essential oils that have natural colouration, such as Lemon and Lemongrass, which may stain clothing. 

Other Notes: 

- 60ml amberglass with spray atomizer

- store in a cool place away from sunlight

- if irritation occurs, please discontinue use

- avoid prolonged sun exposure

- Shake well before use!

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