BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve
BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve
BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve

BACKCOUNTRY BUTTER // healing hand salve

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This bestselling herbal salve is made with premium ingredients, wildcrafted botanicals and cabin-grown calendula. The Calendula used is the 'Erfurter' variety, grown for its high resin yield which contains the most skin-healing properties.

This salve is a non-greasy healing formula for super cracked, chapped, dry & downright wrecked skin. Herb-infused oil soaks into the skin to moisturize and heal, while the beeswax provides a protective coating to trap moisture in but still allowing the skin to breathe. The consistency of this formulation is thick, allowing it to adhere to the skin.

Perfect for rock climbers, working hands, and for the skiers/runners who need breathable skin protection against cold winds. Backcountry Butter has been hailed 'as a godsend' for nurses and medical professionals who wash their hands often. 

As a bonus for fur-buds, Backcountry Butter makes a great paw protector during our harsh Canadian winters. It even helps protect leather on your boots, bags, belts, etc.

In the continual pursuit of making North Shore goods more local, this formulation now features Hempola Valley Farms Hempseed Oil, renowned for its moisturizing and healing properties. Plus it is environmentally friendly AND local. https://www.hempola.com/


- Yarrow, comfrey, calendula & plantain infused into organic olive oil

The yarrow, comfrey and plantain are all ethically wildcrafted and the Calendula is cabin-grown by Lou, using Erfurter Calendula, the highest resin yield for Calendula's glorious skin-healing properties.

- Ontario Hemp Oil

- Ontario Beeswax

- Organic Shea Butter

- Essential oils of Cedar leaf, Balsam Fir, Tea tree, Lavender & Balsam Fir 


RITUAL : Scrape the salve with the back of your fingernail and warm the botanical formulation between your fingers. Apply to dry, cracked skin and allow it to sink in. Many customers have expressed that their favourite ritual is to apply Backcountry Butter before bed. 


Use product within one year of purchase.


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