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Wild Spring Pesto
Wild Spring Pesto
Wild Spring Pesto
Wild Spring Pesto

Wild Spring Pesto

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Quite the wild spring indeed. This pesto is delicious to add to any savoury meal for a bit of garlic zip. Cashew cheeze adds a nice thickness making it great for baking onto bread or drizzled on top of pasta. 

Made with ethically harvested Wild Leeks, and two hated, (but delicious + nutritious!) invasive species: Garlic Mustard and Dandelion.


Ethically wildcrafted

Wild Leeks, or 'Ramps', Allium tricoccum-- Ethically harvesting for Wild Leeks to NORTH SHORE means only harvesting the fresh, green leaves. NEVER any of the bulb so that the plant can continue to grow next year.  I am also constantly moving around to different patches while harvesting. I harvest away from roads and from a very, very large patch. More info can be found here:

Garlic Mustard-- extremely invasive plant! Only the fresh leaves are used before in flower. I harvest this invasive species with reckless abandon. Sometimes taking the whole plant and digging up the roots. Normally Garlic Mustard is found in disturbed sites, so it can be hard to find it in a place that is not contaminated. This year I was lucky that my neighbours had a big patch that they wanted good and gone. The last two pictures are of Garlic Mustard

More about Garlic Mustard:

Dandelion- only the greens are harvested! 

Organic Olive Oil, Local Orrville-grown Garlic, Cashew, Fresh Lemon, Black Pepper and Sea Salt


This pesto is not cooked in a commercial kitchen.

Especially in these times, I just really want those who are not able to access places where wild leeks are popping up to get to try it! It is made with no preservatives and therefore should be eaten immediately upon receipt. The pesto should be consumed by the date on the label (2 weeks from day it was made). You can freeze them, but please be aware that glass can break, so make sure the lid has some room to move (don't securely close the lid). 



Soak cashews overnight until they are super soft. I used cashews instead of pine nuts because it is cheaper, but pine nuts work wonders as well...or sunflower seeds! Just need something to thicken it up and allow the flavour to have something to adhere to. 

Fill the blender half way with oil then add most of the other ingredients...hold back on some leeks. For garlic in 1 regular sized blender I added a quarter of a clove. Fresh garlic adds some zippiness, but the leeks already have that in spades. I added very little black pepper due to the existing zippy content. Salt is essential here though. A decent amount is necessary!

Then blend! Adding greens or oil until desired consistency. A few leeks go a long way because they are packed full of flavour.