Cabin + Body Spray // TANGLED GARDEN
Cabin + Body Spray // TANGLED GARDEN

Cabin + Body Spray // TANGLED GARDEN

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Doesn't just smell like a tangled garden... it is a tangled garden.

This lavender scent is sweetened by the Sweet Clover, a highly invasive species. Sweet Clover, Melilotus officinalis, is an invasive species that has the sweetly-scented natural chemical 'coumarin' within the plant. When subjected to specific processing (discovered through years of trial and error by NORTH SHORE) and then distilled, it produces a meadow-y sweet scent much like a tangled garden. 

Light and airy, this spray is for lavender lovers and makes a lovely personal perfume, room freshener, or pillow spray. 


- Wildcrafted Sweet Clover hydrosol

- Essential oils of Lavender + Wintergreen

- perfumer's alcohol


Aromatherapy is a powerful tool in your wellness toolkit.

Scent is deeply connected to your memories and emotions which affects your overall well-being. By incorporating the scents of nature into your everyday routine, you can transport yourself to the woods, instantly dropping your blood pressure and making you feel calm. Wildcrafted hydrosols are made with ethically harvested botanicals from the Muskoka-Georgian Bay region and artisan distilled in a cabin workshop near Orrville, Ontario.  Cabin + Body Sprays can be used to freshen a room or linens, sprayed onto the body as a daily perfume, or used as a pillow spray.

60ml Cabin-made in Orrville, ON

Always test on a small patch of skin before use// Discontinue use if irritation occurs // Use within six months of purchase

 COLD WEATHER DISCLAIMER: Please note that the liquid in this Cabin + Body Spray can freeze if exposed to cold temperatures for prolonged amounts of time, especially during shipping. Don't leave it in your car either! 

NORTH SHORE's Cabin + Body Sprays are made with natural ingredients and should be used within one year of purchase. 


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